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If you’re looking to massively boost your home’s water pressure, then you’ve come to the right place. Our Torrent kit will give you fantastic water pressure (flow) throughout your home. It should be ensured that your hot water cylinder is a fast-recovery type (heats up again quickly), so your heating system needs to be adequate. This then is ideally suited to where the boiler is adequate for your needs, but your water pressure (flow) is low. Mains water pressure in some areas is particularly poor, and won’t cope with more than two people using a tap at the same time. The use of 24-hour heating of the hot water is essential. This means that your hot water is always ready, and doesn’t have to compete with central heating - in the morning, for example. A start point is a 160-litre cylinder, but for larger families, we recommend larger cylinders.



1. Supply and install of a new hot water cylinder sized to your needs.

2. Supply and install of a boost-pump system.




In some circumstances, your current cold water tank (in your loft) can remain, though we would advise you replace it.


We STRONGLY recommend the installation of a water softener or LimeStop limescale inhibitor.

Sorry, we only work in the RG postcode area.


What will it cost?

Obviously it all depends on your requirements. Our Torrent system starts from £1,995. This will supply pump-boosted hot and cold water throughout your home...

162 litre hot water cylinder - £385.00

40-litre per-minute pump - £576.00

All materials - £234.00

Labour - two persons, two days - £800.00


Please note that the above is a guide only. We cannot know what your current layout is and how it can be adapted to accommodate the installation, but £1,995 is a minimum. This then is similar in price to a typical thermal store or heat bank cylinder, but without the disadvantages of those two, such as reliance on mains pressure, regular servicing, safety issues, and no store of water.


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With regard to thermal store systems, the provided hot water flow depends entirely on your mains pressure supply. We can assess your flow free of charge. 20 litres per minute is recommended by us to be sufficient for a considerable hot water supply without being unnecessarily wasteful. Systems are limited at 3 bar pressure. If you require excellent pressure (flow) then opt for a Torrent system. If you currently don’t have a mains-pressure cylinder installed, and your current pipes are fed by a water tank in the loft-space, they would be subject to a 3-bar pressure when converted to carry mains-pressure water. We cannot be held liable for their integrity. Full limescale protection can be provided by a Scalgon LimeStop TS at £115 - please see This will give you GUARANTEED and unrivalled limescale protection for two years. After that time it should be replaced - current price £105. Capacity of mains-pressure thermal store hot water system in prices quoted is 160 litres. You may require overflow protection (extra cost) if your current heater is not protected, but this is your choice. Alternatively, purchase a water-leak detector for less than £10 together with a drip tray. Replacement of wet gas heating system INCLUDES limescale and sludge protection, but excludes cost of gas engineer to cut off your gas supply. We back up our installation with a 3-year guarantee and 24-hour call-out protection. An annual check is required to validate the manufacturer’s 10-year guarantee on AA thermal store cylinders. A deposit of 50% is required five days before work commences – balance on completion. Free, no obligation quotations provided. If you choose us, you will be provided with a binding contract, and your rights as a consumer are respected and adhered to. You have the right to cancel your contract. Terms & conditions apply - set out on your contract.

Mobile phone rates apply when contacting us by phone.

Prices correct as of last website update - April 3rd, 2021 - and are subject to change.