For the perfect central heating system!


no gas, no oil, no worries

no fumes, no flue pipes, no servicing!


Full central heating system for just...

£1,995 - fully installed

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Allora electric radiators

In white or bold anthracite finish

Unique Fast-Flo technology

Optimised for electric heating

Sophisticated oval bar design

Heat-retentive thermal oil

7-Day programming via Bluetooth

Intuitive app control

Android & iOS compatible

Timer function

Frost protection mode

10 Year warranty on heater body


Available in:

400 watt - 415mm (w) x 635mm (h)

600 watt - 595mm (w) x 635mm (h)

1000 watt - 834mm (w) x 635mm (h)

1200 watt - 1180mm (w) x 635mm (h)


Also available as vertical radiators:

800 watt - 236mm (w) x 1600mm (h)

800 watt - 236mm (w) x 1780mm (h)

1200 watt - 236mm (w) x 1600mm (h) x 79mm (d) - double panelled

1200 watt - 236mm (w) x 1780mm (h) x 79mm (d) - double panelled


All other depths 57mm

All cable lengths 1.5 metres





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