TeBe have a proven track record in light engineering projects, including the manufacture of copper-vessel limescale inhibitors. These are now sold

through Scalgon - please click on the link blow.


TeBe is currently evaluating its future, with a view to small engineering products

and projects, and will be re-populating its website (here) again soon.


For Scalgon, please click HERE




Who are we?

TeBe was formed in 2008 to design, engineer, and manufacture small engineering projects, both for domestic and commercial applications. Nine years of constant improvement resulted in the ‘LimeStop Deep Blue’ at the beginning of 2017 (now sold through scalgon.co.uk). This compliments the CombiBuddy - the premier limescale protection for combination boilers, released in 2015, and the LimeStop - the best limescale inhibitor on the market.


TeBe is currently looking for new projects and challenges. You can email us on info@tebe.co.uk