We guarantee our products for life - yours

We are so confident in the construction of our products that we

guarantee they will outlive you - and we wish you a long life



TeBe have a proven track record in light engineering projects,

including the manufacture of limescale inhibitors, magnetic filters and ceiling lamps.


TeBe manufacture:

The CombiBuddy - for inhibiting limescale in combi boilers.

The LimeStop TS - for inhibiting limescale in thermal store cylinders.

The LimeStop - for whole house limescale protection.

The BoilerGuard - a compact magnetic filter.

The MagnaMate - a 10”-magnet magnetic filter.

The ‘Tracey’ ceiling lamp.

The ‘Susan’ ceiling lamp.





Who are we?

TeBe was formed in 2008 after the initial manufacture of the ‘LimeStop’ limescale inhibitor. Our goal was to design, engineer, and manufacture small engineering projects, both for domestic and commercial applications. Ten years of constant improvement has resulted in class-leading products like our range of limescale inhibitors and magnetic filters that are made from stainless steel, not plastic, and are for professionals who are serious about offering their clients the best. We also manufacture ceiling lamps, like the ‘Tracey’ and the ‘Susan’. We guarantee our products for life - yours!



Email us on info@tebe.co.uk